General Health

Dadimastakam Churna Relieves Dysentery With Gas

Approx Price: Rs 62 / 100g 
    Nagarjuna Dadimastakam Churna    Relieves Dysentery with gas
    Indications for use of Dadimastakam Churna:
    Dadimastakam churna is useful when Vatatisara (Dysentery with gas) symptoms occur.
    Ingredients for use of Dadimastakam Churna :
    Tugaksiri    Caturjataka    Yavani    Dhanyaka (Coriandrum sativum)    Ajaji    Granthi    Vyosa    Dadima (Punica granatum)    Sita
    Dosage of Nagarjuna Dadimastakam Churna :    Take 5 gms of Dadimastakam Churna.

Count Plus Granules

Approx Price: Rs 265 / Gram(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Gram(s)
Nagarjuna Count Plus GranulesMale Infertility & Associated Problems
Ingredients of Nagarjuna Count Plus Granules :
Each 200g is prepared out of :Mucuna pruriens (Suptha),Withania somnifera (Aswagandha)Hygrophila auriculata (Kokilaksha)Asparagus racemosus (Satavari)Curculigo orchioides (Musali)Glycyrrhiza glabra (Yashtimadhu)Sida rhombifolia (Bala)Holostemma adakodien (Jeevanthi)GheeSugarCow's Milk
Indications for use of Count Plus Granules :Male infertility and associated problems.
Directions for use of Nagarjuna Count Plus Granules :Two tablespoonful twice daily.

Brahmi Plus Smrithi

Approx Price: Rs 120 / Gram(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 200 Gram(s)
Brahmi Plus SmrithiEnhances Mental Concentration, Memory and AttentionA great formula for enhancing concentration, mental clarity, memory and attention. Perfect for those challenging times when extra mental function is required or for seeking calmness during meditation.

Anu Thailam Herbal Oil

Approx Price: Rs 59 / 10ml 
    Nagarjuna Anu Thailam    Instantly Dispel or Soothe the most Stubborn, Drug Resistant Headaches    Ayurvedic Herbal Oil to Prevent Sinus Congestion
    Anu oil is a wonderful herbal oil. It is the result of a very expensive and time-consuming process. A few drops administered into the nasal passages can instantly dispel or soothe the most stubborn, drug resistant headaches.
    Indications for use of Anu Thailam:
        Sinus congestion        Stubborn, drug resistant headaches
    Ingredients of Nagarjuna Anu Thailam :
        Dendrobium macraei        Cyperus rotundus        Solanum surratense        Desmodium gangeticum        Vetiveria zizanoides        Cinnamomum Zeylanicum        Berberis aristata        Aegle marmelos        Elettaria cardamomum        Sida cordifolia        Cedrus deodara        Glycerrhiza glabra        Asparagus racemosus        Embelia ribes        Natural sesame oil as a base.
    Dosage of Nagarjuna Anu Thailam :
    Put 5-6 drops of oil in both nostrils. Inhale deeply. Try to warm the oil slightly before application.    For best effect gently warm facial area surrounding nose with a hot cloth. Best time to do nasya is early morning or late afternoon.

Organic Harvest Jojoba 100% Pure Base Oil

Approx Price: Rs 1,250 / 60ml 
Organic Harvest Jojoba 100% Pure Base OilFree from PesticidesNatural, No Preservatives, 100% Vegetarian
This Base Oil can be used in combination with any essential oil and applied on Skin, Hair & Body
Composition of Jojoba Pure Oil :Pure Jojoba Oil

Organic Harvest Body Lotion With Tamarind Seeds Extract

Approx Price: Rs 695 / 100ml 
Organic Harvest Body Lotion with Tamarind Seeds Extract
with ECOCERT Certified Ingredients
Pamper your body with this lightweight hydrating lotion that reduces skin sensitivity. Containing natural moisturizing actives obtained from tamarind seeds, this marvel of a body lotion improves skin hydration and reduces skin roughness. It seeps deep into your skin to help repair the natural moisture deficiency in dry, dehydrated areas while handling the vital jobs of hydrating, energizing and protecting your skin.
The Natural Moisturizing Active, obtained from Tamarind Seeds, improves skin hydration and reduces skin roughness.
It acts at two levels:
    A velvet film is formed on skin - Skin is more hydrated, day after day.
    The skin looks younger - Skin elasticity is increased while the roughness is decreased.
This lightweight hydrating lotion instantly calms skin, and visibly reduces redness and sensitivity. it quenches deeper into your skin to help repair the natural moisture deficiency in dry, dehydrated skin. This multi tasking moisturizer handles the vital jobs of hydrating, energizing and protecting to maintain skin’s momentum all day.
Free of Parabens, Mineral Oil and Animal Ingredients
Key Ingredients of Organic Harvest Body Lotion :
Aqua, Tamarind Seeds Extract and Ecocert Certified Sorbitan Olivate, in Cream Base.
Usage of Organic Harvest Body Lotion :
In the morning & evening using fingertips, pamper all around your body to have youthful, charming skin.

Organic Harvest Cleansing Milk

Approx Price: Rs 395 / 100ml 
Cleansing Milk with Essential OilsFor All Skin TypesNo Color AddedNo Artificial Fragrance
Every drop feeds your skin.Clean and delight your skin with the best nature has to offer. This creamy formula deeply cleanses the skin and removes all make-up, dirt and pollution from it, while polishing the tiredness out. Daily Essential perfect for cleansing The essential oils used in this cleansing milk sorts out dry as well as over-oily skin by balancing the secretion of sebum. Every drop of it feeds your beauty!
Free of Parabens, Mineral Oil and Animal Ingredients
Key Ingredients :Aqua, Panthequat, Lavender, Geranium & Ylang ylang Essential Oils in cream base.
Usage :In the morning & evening using cotton, rub the entire face and neck with this cleansing milk, along with a little bit of massage to facilitate the circulation of blood. Follow it up with Organic Harvest Toner.

WWB (Women's Well Being) Correct Irregular Cycles

Approx Price: Rs 195
MOQ: 60 Capsule

    WWB (Women’s Well Being)
    Hormonal Balance Is The Key To Women’s Health    To Correct Irregular Cycles & Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) In Teenagers & Adult Women & For Menopausal Syndrome in Middle Ages        Restores hormonal balance, and regularizes irregular menstrual cycles.        Through stress reduction the hypothalmo – pituitary – ovarian endocrine axis normalizes and further restores balance of hormones.        Reduction in uterine contraction and protection from stress relieves painful menstruation.        Tomes female organs, improves feminine figure and luster.        Relieves mental and emotional tension during menstruation, hormonal changes and menopause.        Safe formulation, reduces the side – effects of hormone therapy.
    Each formulation capsule of WWB contains    Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) - 250 mg
        Improves all female hormone / reproductive functions and balances hormone levels.        Rich in phytoestrogens, which naturally normalize the estrogen levels, (having either agonist or antagonist actions).
    Guruchi (Tinospora cordifolia) - 50 mg
        Reduces uterine contraction.        Enhances innumity.        Immuno – modulator, anti - inflammatory agent.        Neuroprotective.
    Vana Tulsi (Ocimum gratissium) - 24 mg
        Protects against stress and enhances immunity        Calming effect on CNS, anti – inflammatory        Rich in antioxidants, prevents premature ageing
    Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) - 25 mg
        Antioxidant, rejuvenating tonic for women        In puberty, improves skin tissue, supports breast formation and uterine as well as ovarian development.        Improves femininity and female figure.
    Dosage of Organic India WWB Women's Well Being Capsule :    1-2 capsules twice daily with meals, at least for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use.    For acute symptoms: e.g. hot flashes, take 2 capsules thrice a day with meals.    Pre – Menopause & Menopausal syndrome: Up to 2 capsules 3 times a day, can be prescribed.

Weight Balance Promotes Weight Loss

Approx Price: Rs 195 / 60 Capsule 
Wt-Balance (Weight Balance)Healthy MetabolismNatural Solution to Excess Weight & Obesity
    Promotes weight loss    Restores normal fat distribution    Removes fatigue    Complements allopathic therapy in over – weight patients of arthritis and diabetes mellitus
Each vegetarian capsule of Wt-Balance containsBhumyamalaki (Phyllanthus niruri) - 125 mg
    Improves excretory functions, helps in normalizing body weight
Guruchi (Tinospora cordifolia) - 125 mg
    Immunomodulator, fat regulator
Amalaki (Phyllanthus emblica) - 75 mg
    Antioxidant and improves fat distribution
Wt Balance Normalises Fat Metabolism in Over Weight Patients. Effect Enhanced by Regular Exercise
Dosage of Organic India Wt Balance Capsule :1-2 capsules twice daily with meals, for at least one month or more. Recommended with controlled diet, rich in fibres and low on fats, for better results. Safe and recommended for long term use.

Vitality Strong Staminator

Approx Price: Rs 195
    Vitality    Energy & Stamina    Patients Define It a Feeling of Well Being    Combination of Powerful Anti Stress and Adaptogenic Agents    To Enhance Energy and Boost Immunity
    Feeling tired all the time?    Getting tired easily?    Successfully treated, but not fit enough to resume work?    Senior citizen?    Low energy level?    Take Organic India Vitality Capsule
        Strong Staminator        Promotes vitality and alertness        Supports a strong, healthy immune system        Improves cell – mediated and humoral immunity        Shields from oxidative cell damage        Prevents premature ageing        Protects from viral and other infections.
Vitalizer that increases the body’s resistance to stress and stress related disease. Defense against low immunity, chronic viral infections and chromic fatigue.
    Each vegetarian capsule of Vitality contains    Ashwagandha (Withamia somnifera) - 100 mg
        Adaptogen / anti – stress agent, enhances immunity, anti – ageing, anti – fatigue, potent antioxidant, reduces symptoms of Parkinsonism protects against stress related ulcers, useful in prevention and treatment of tumors supports healthy thyroid function.
    Vana Tulsi (Ocimum gratissium) - 65 mg
        Powerful Adaptogen / anti stress agent, immune modulator, antioxidant, prevents premature stress related ulcers, antiviral and antibacterial.
    Katuki (Picrorrhiza kurroa) - 65 mg
        Adaptogen / antistress agent with strong defense against viruses, hepatoprotective, reno-protective and staminator.
    Rama Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) - 65 mg
        Adaptogen / antistress agent with strong defense against viruses, hepatoprotective, reno-protective and staminator.
    Waterlily (Nymphaca stellata - 30 mg
        Adaptogen / anti-stress agent with gastro friendly effect.
    Indications for use of Organic India Vitality Capsule :
        Chronic fatigue syndrome        Geriatric patients        General debility        Exhaustion syndrome        Stress related diseases        Convalescence
    Dosage of Organic India Viatlity Capsule :    1-2 capsules twice daily with meals, at least for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use.

60 Capsules

Turmeric Formula

Approx Price: Rs 295
MOQ: 60 Capsules

    Turmeric Formula
    Healthy Inflammation Response    Turmeric: India’s ‘Holy Powder’ Finally Reveals Its Centuries-Old Secret
    Science Daily (Apr. 21, 2009) – Scientists in Michigan are reporting discovery of the secret behind the fables healing power of the main ingredient in turmeric – a spice revered in India as “holy powder”.
    “The Spice that Ignites Your Body’s Astonishing Immune System” 5 to 8 times stronger than vitamin E and stronger than vitamin C, this ‘antioxidant breakthrough’ may help boost your immunity, maintain normal cholesterol levels, and put the brakes on aging.
        Promotes your immune system        Helps fight against cold and couth naturally        Helps prevent and fight inflammatory conditions naturally        Helps you maintain your healthy digestive system        Supports your healthy bones, joints, and overall skeletal system        Helps you maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range        Promotes your healthy blood and liver functions.        Promotes healthy glowing skin.
    Each 500 mg vegetarian capsule of Organic India Turmeric Formula contains    Turmeric rhizome (Curcuma longa) - 370 mg    Turmeric extracts with 95% curcuminoids - 80 mg    Ginger rhizome (zingiber officinate) - 50 mg
    Turmeric extract helps provide high concentration of curcuminoids without disturbing holistic benefits of Turmeric.    Rhizome improves digestion of curcuminoids and improves digestion.
    Dosage of Organic India Turmeric Formula :    2 capsules twice daily with meals, followed preferably with a cup of hot milk.

Tulsi A Natural Immunomodulator

Approx Price: Rs 175
Tulsi Anti Stress, Anti Ageing
“The Queen of Herbs” – is the most sacred herb of India. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is also known as Holy Basil. It belongs to family Labiateae. The name “Tulsi” means “the incomparable one”. The leaves contain essential oil that contains eugenol, eugenal, carvacrol, methyl-chavicol, limatril and caryophylline. Tulsi is the best Adaptogen.
 Each Vegetarian Capsule of Tulsi contains
 Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) - 100 mg Rama Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) - 100 mg Vana Tulsi (Ocimum gratissimum) - 100 mg
 Relieves stress / adaptogen Bolsters immunity. Enhances stamina. Provides support during cold season. Promotes healthy metabolism. A natural immunomodulator. Diuretic, uricosuric.
Indications for use of Organic India Tulsi Capsule :Stress induced diseases like, bronchial asthma, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, malignoma, viral diseases like encephalitis, AIDS. Cold flu chronic diseases like pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia, hyperuricemia, gout and water retention.
Dosage of Organic India Tulsi Capsule :1-2 capsules twice daily with meals. Safe and recommended for long term use. Safe for children and infants.

60 Capsules

Triphala Digestion

Approx Price: Rs 175 / No(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 60 No(s)
    Triphala    Digestion & Colon Cleanse
    In fact, the benefits of Triphala are so well known that a well-known Indian saying goes like this: “You don’t have a mother? Don’t worry, as long as you have Triphala in your life!”
    Triphala is one of the most famous ayurvedic herbal formulations.
Triphala literally means ”three fruits”. The three fruits contained inTriphala are Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). Triphala is tridoshic-equally balancing for Vata, Pitta and Kapha-it-is useful for all skin types. Amla, one of the three ingredients in Triphala, is the richest known natural source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, which is necessary to keep skin supple and thick. Triphala also contains calcium and other micronutrients.
    Each vegetarian capsule of Organic India Triphala contains
    Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) - 160 mg    Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) - 160 mg    Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica) - 160 mg
Triphala helps detoxify and cleanse the colon, it also purifies the blood and removes toxins from the liver. Other benefits of Triphala include, reducing some forms of lipids (serum cholesterol), hypotensive and antacid activity.
Indications for use of Organic India Triphala Capsule :Constipation, hyper acidity, hyper motility motility, anorexia, anorexia, indigestion, skin disorders and eye diseases.
 Dosage of Triphala Capsule :1-2 capsules or 0.5 gram to 1 gram twice daily meals. Safe and recommended for long term use. (Specific laxative does as per Dr.N.Singh 4 to 6 capsules or 2 to 3 gram 1 hour before dinner glass of water).

Sugar Balance Normalizes Blood Glucose Level

Approx Price: Rs 195
MOQ: 60 Capsules

    Sugar-Balances (Sugar Balance Capsule )
    Ensure A Complication Free Management Of Diebetes with   Healthy Insulin Response
        Useful for diabetic patients on oral anti-diabetic drugs        Useful for diabetic patients on insulin therapy        Preventative in predisposition to diabetes mellitus        Retards absorption of dietary sugar        Normalizes blood glucose level        Improves insulin receptor sensitivity
    Each vegetarian capsule of Organic India Sugar-Balance contains
    Bimbi (Coccinia indica) - 200mg
        Retards absorption of dietary sugar
    Bougainbelia (Bougainvillea spectabilis) - 30 mg          
        Improves sensitivity of insulin receptors, and is natural source of pinitol
    Sadabahar (Vinca rosea) - 20 mg
        Blood glucose lowering property        Single use in control and treatment of mild diabetes mellitus        Allows gradual reduction and cessation of concurrent use of modern drugs        Completely safe for long term use        Complements diet, exercise and modern therapy in diabetes mellitus
Sugr-Balance” improves the utilization of glucose in the blood and can be used together with conventional anti – diabetic medicines. Repeated testing of serum glucose levels may indicate that oral antidiabetics can be gradually decreased in dosage, until no longer necessary. In serve cases of diabetes mellitus, treated by insulin injections, “Sugr-Balance” can be administered stimultanepusly with insulin therapy.
By continuous testing of the serum glucose levels in the first four months of additional administration of “sugr-balance”, it may be possible to tapper insulin doses, as the requirements of insulin decrease. In many cases, after four months, insulin requirements become very low negligible, and oral anti-diabetic medicines can also be discontinued, so that “sugr-balance” alone is sufficient to control diabetes mellitus. Complications of diabetes mellitus (e.g.diabetic nephropathy) might also be lessened.
Dosage of Sugar Balance Capsule :1-2 capsules twice daily with meals, at least for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use.

Shatavari Women's Health

Approx Price: Rs 175
    Shatavari Capsules    Women’s Health    It Improves Women's General Health Also
Botanical name of this plant is Asparagus racemosus. It belongs to family Asparagaceae. Other name being, Indian asparagus, hundred roots, asparagus roots. Shatavari is a versatile traditional plant used in a variety of serious diseases, as also impotency of both sexes.
Shatavari means “one who possesses hundred husbands”. It is considered, both a general tonic and a female reproductive tonic. Shatavari is the main ayurvedic rejuvenative tonic for females. Shatavari is however, It is also used in menopausal symptoms and to increase lactation.
Each vegetarian capsule of Organic India Shatavari contains :
    Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) - 400 mg
        Nutritive tonic        Laxative        Rejuvenative        Diuretic        Appetizer
Indications for use of Shatavari :    Horomonal imbalances including irregular and painful menses, PMS premenopausal and menopausal syndrome, post partum bleeding, insufficient lactation, disturbed estrogen level.
 Dosage of Organic India Shatavari Capsule :    1-2 capsules twice daily with meals. Safe and recommended for long term use.

60 Capsules

Osteoseal Herbal Calcium Capsule

Approx Price: Rs 195 / 60 Capsules 
    Organic India Osteoseal Capsules    For Osteoporosis, Healthy Growth, Fractures Bones, Arthritic Conditions, Muscular Diseases.    Herbal Calcium & Minerals
    Organic India offers for the first time, a herbal formulation with the highest bioavailable calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and amino acids.
    Each vegetarian capsule of Osteoseal contains
    Harjor (Cissus quadrangularis):         - 200 mg
        Supplies abundant calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and interferes with mucopolysaccharides and collagen synthesis which enhance bone formation.        Ensures faster recalcification and early completion of the healing process on the fracture site.        Anti – inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant properties help regenerate healthy cells in condition such as arthritic joints and osteoporosis.        Assists in healthy bone formation in people of all age groups.
    Sahijan (Moringa pterygosperma) – 100 mg
        Provides complete nutritional support to bones, joints and surrounding tissues with a rich supply of vitamin A, B, C and E, aminoacids, minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium.
    Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) – 50 mg
        Immunomodulator        Antioxidant        Soothes Gastrointestinal muscosal layer
    Dosage of Organic India Osteoseal Capsule :    1-2 capsules twice daily with meals. Safe & recommended for long term use. Osteoseal is compatible with conventional medicines, commonly used for the treatment of bone disorders.
    In women, recommended with “WWB”, for better result.

Moringa Powder / Moringa Capsules

Approx Price: Rs 175 / Piece(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 12 Piece(s)
Morniga (Powder / Capsules) Essential Nutrition Organic Moringa capsule contains Organic leaf powder of Moringa oliefera (Sahjan). The powder is produced by harvesting, drying then milling the leaves of Moringa oleifera. The powder is extremely rich in nutrients. It contains 90 nutrients and 40 antioxidants. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, protein, fibre, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Each vegetarian capsule of Moringa contain Sahijan (Moringa pterygosperma) leaf - 350 mg
Moringa leaves have 4 times more Beta-Carotene (raw form of Vitamin A) than that of carrots. 17 times more calcium than that of milk and 25 times more iron than that of Spinach A rich source of Vitamin C An excellent source of Amino acids (Amino acids form proteins) Taking Moringa capsules is good for those suffering from malnutrition and those who require nourishment, such as Athlets, Body builders, Sports persons Expecting & lactating mothers Growing & lactating mothers. Chronically ill persons
Traditionally, Moringa has been used for years with no reports of negative side effects.
Dosage/Serving Size of Organic India Moringa : 2 to 4 capsules twice with meals.

LKC Liver Kidney Care Pills

Approx Price: Rs 195 / 60 Capsules 
Organic India LKC (Liver Kidney Care) CapsulesNutritionally Supportive Liver and KidneysHeals & Protects Liver & Kidney
Restores Healthy Liver & Kidney Functions
    Rejuvenates fatty or sluggish liver, effective in hepatitis, jaundice and cirrhosis.    Regulates fat metabolism in obesity    Combats pyelonephritis, renal failure, urinary tract infection, and eliminates kidney stones.    Reduces toxicity by pollution, drugs, alcohol and other chemicals.
Each vegetarian capsule of Organic India “LKG” contains
Bhumyamalaki (Phyllanthus niruri) - 125 mg
    Protects against liver and kidney disorders, like infections hepatitis and nephritis.    Detoxifies and regenerates the kidneys and liver.    Has antiviral activity against hepatitis viruses.
Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa)                   - 100mg
    Effective against hepatic and urinary tract infections.    Potent diuretic and renal regenerative.
Katuki (Picrorrhiza kurroa)                - 100 mg
    Diuretic, antipyretic and antiparasitic    Strengthens immunity from viruses, chemical toxins and other stressors.
Dosage of Organic India LKC Liver Kidney Care Capsule :1-2 capsules twice daily with meals for at least one month or more. Safe and recommended for long term use. In viral  hepatitis and chronic renal failure, at lease 1-year treatment is advised. Strongly recommended to be taken simulataneously with anti-tubercular and other hepatotoxic drugs. Also recommended to people with alcohol abuse problems.

Lipid Care Lowers LDL and Enhances HDL

Approx Price: Rs 195
Organic india lipid care capsules total cholesterol control lowers ldl and enhances hdl
Hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia are the major risk factors leading to development of cardiovascular diseases. Moderate to serve adverse effects have been reported with available with available drugs, such as statins. There is need for a product which can prevent both hypercholesterolemia and dyslipidemia without adverse side effects. Lipid care is natural cardio-protective offering total cholesterol control.
 Lowers ldl., and enhances hdl reduces heart’s work load by lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Is a mild blood thinner and diuretic, hence reduces work load on heart. Significantly reduces triglycerides. Contains active antioxidants protecting the heart tissues.
 Each vegetarian capsule of lipid care contains :
 Arjun (terminalia arjuna): 130mg
 Lowers ldl., raises hdl. Reduces work load by lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Increases fecal bile acid excretion, inhibits hepatic cholesterol synthesis.
 Harjor (cissus quadirangularis): 130mg
 Lowers serum lipid level, which includes total cholesterol, ldl cholesterol and triglycerides. Improves hdl cholesterol level lowers body weight reduces body fat mass reduces blood glucose level.
 Amalaki (phyllanthus emblica): 45mg
 Lowers blood cholesterol level rich in antioxidants relieves oxidative stress lowers triglycerides level prevents atherosclerosis
 Vana tulsi (ocimum gratissimum): 45mg
 Reduces total lipid level reduces total triglycerides level reduces blood glucose level. Reduces total cholesterol level. Reduces total phospholipids level.
 Indications for use of organic india lipid care capsule :
 Hypercholesterolemia dyslipidemia atheroclerosis as a cardio-protective

60 Capsules

Immunity Boost Immune Response

Approx Price: Rs 195 / 60 Capsules 
Organic India Immunity CapsulesBoost Immune ResponseStrengthens and Balances the Immune System, Increases Stamina, Protects against Stress
    Effective in allergy, upper respiratory tract infection, bronchial asthma and viral pneumonia.    Natural support in immune defense against infections like hepatitis, tuberculosis chronic UTI, AIDS.    Supports body in dealing with stress related diseases.    Supports immunity in cases of diabetes mellitus, cancer, chemotherapy and radiation.    Strengthens immune response to viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microbes.    Provides a rich supply of antioxidants and nutritional support to immune system.    Helps protect liver and kidney function.
Immunity Preserves Energy Reserves of Body for an Active and Healthy Life.
Each vegetarian capsule of Organic India Immunity contains
Katuki (Picrorrhiza kurroa) – 165 mg
    Significant adaptogenic / anti/stress activity, protects against stress, increases stamina.    Strong support in defense against viral infections.    Hepato and renoprotective, promotes overall immune function, effective in stress related ulcers of G tract.
Krishna Tulsi & Vana Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum & Ocimum gratissium) -  mg
    Immuno – mosulators, anti –inflammatory    Staminators, anti-asthmatic, prevent GI ulcers.    Protect against radiation, anti – ageing.    Facilitate digestion & absorption of nutrients.
Immunity reduces the effect of physical, chemical, biological, psychological and emotional stress. Provides calmness and clarity, and increase the body’s capacity to fight diseases.
Dosage of Organic India Immunity Capsule :  1-2 capsules twice daily with meals, at least for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use. Recommended in combination with “LKC”, in cases of viral hepatitis.
In cold and cough, “Immunity”, along with “Amalaki” and “Ashwagandha”, can give better results. 

Flexibility Joint Pain Relief

Approx Price: Rs 195 / 60 Capsules 
Organic India Flexibility CapsulesSuffering from Arthritis or Joint Pain?For complication free effective management, take..
Powerful Herbal Formulation to support Healing & Regeneration of Inflamed and Arthritic Joints
• Reduces inflammation• Relaxes muscle spasms• Supports joint reparation• Decreases morning stiffness• Increases muscular power• Enhances stamina and endurance• Improves joint mobility• Analgesic, antipyretic• Anxiolytic• Immuno-modulatory action helps in rheumatoid arthritis
Each vegetarian capsule of Organic India Flexibility contains :
Motha (Cyperus rotundus) - 200 mg
• Mild tranquilizing qualities• Anti – arthritic, immune- modulator• Protects gastric mucosa• Analgesic, anti – inflammatory
Ashwagandha (Withania somnfera) - 60 mg
• Anti – arthritic, anti-inflammatory• Anti – stress, antipyretic, analgesic• Enhances stamina and muscular strength• Protects against stress related ulcers of GI tract.
Guruchi (Tinospora cordifolia) - 35 mg
• Strong Immunomodulator and anti stress• Anti-inflammatory anti-arthritic
Rama Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) - 35 mg
• Anti – arthritic, anti – inflammatory• Anti – stress, potent immune – modulator, analgesic• Enhances stamina, endurance, muscular strength• Protects against stress related ulcers of GI tract• Calming effect on Central nervous system
Long term use of Flexibility may replace the need for allopathic medicines and reduce further development of joint disease (osteao and rheumatoid arthritis). Safe in combination with allopathic analgesics, reducing their side effects (stress ulcers etc.)
Dosage of Organic India Flexibility Capsules :1-2 capsules twice daily with meals at lease for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use.
Can be taken along with conventional medicines, which can be gradually reduced until no longer necessary.
For better results, “Flexibility” should be taken with “Osteoseal” white treating osteoarthritis and with “Immunity”, while treating rheumatoid arthritis.

Breathe Free Protects Against Allergic Bronchospasm

Approx Price: Rs 195
MOQ:  60 Capsules

    Organic India Breathe Free
    Asthma & Respiratory Relief    When there is a need to Breathe Free
    This Formulation Brings Asthma Relief & Lung Purification
    Decongests the pulmonary system and helps repair damaged lung tissues.
        Infections of the respiratory tract including lung infections.        Respiratory allergies including allergic asthma.        Bronchial asthma and chronic spasmodic bronchitis.        Complements the treatment of coronary artery diseases.
    Today’s exposure to air pollution in city life and increasing numbers of various allergens, make maintaining clean lungs a priority, for a healthy life Breathe free nourishes and supports the vital respiratory functions.
    Each vegetarian capsule of Organic India Breathe Free contains
    Pushkarmool (Inula racemosa)          - 250mg
        Strong anti – allergic and antihistaminic agent        Cardio protective against respiratory anoxia.        Expectorant proprieties        Potent broncho-dilator
    Krishna Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) - 30 mg
        Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory immunomodulator, Adaptogen, anti-stress agent.        Calming effect on central nervous system.        Provides antioxidant and other nutrients.
    Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica)           - 30 mg
        Expectorant, antipyretic        Mild central stimulation of respiratory centers        Improves psychosomatic component of asthma        Relaxes smooth muscles of respiratory tract
    Pippali (Piper longum)                       - 15 mg
        Relief from cough, expectorant        Protects against allergic bronchospasm        Centrally improves depressed respiratory component of bronchial disease.
Breathe Free can be taken simultaneously with most allopathic anti-asthmatic drugs without contraindications. Many patients have found that the dosage of allopathic drugs can be decreased gradually until they are no longer necessary.
Dosage of Breathe Free Capsule :1-2 capsule twice daily with meals, at least for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use. Recommended for long-term use in chronic allergic and bronchial asthma and other forms of COPD.
 Recommended for short-term use (1 to  3 weeks) in cases of acute exacerbation of COPD.

Brahmi (Centella Asiatica)

Approx Price: Rs 175 / Piece 
    Organic India Brahmi    Mental Fitness    Memory, Intelligence and Mental Concentration
 The Memory Enhancer Botanical name of this plant is Centella asistica. It belongs to family Umbelliferae. Brahmi, a name derived from Brahma, the creator God of the Hindu oantheon of deities. It is also known as Mandookparni It is celebrated for its diversity of usage. Brahmi has been used in traditional Indian medicines for over 3000 years. Traditionally, it is known as a miracle brain food to enhance memory development, learning and concentration.
    Each vegetarian capsule of Brahmi contains –
    Brahmi (Centella asiatica) - 350 mg    • Enhances memory, mental alertness and concentration.    • Protects and supports the nervous system.    • Relieves mental stress, negative emotions and insufficiency.    • Anti – giardiasis activity
    Indications for use of Brahmi Capsules    Mental stress, depression, lack of concentration, memoty decline, negative emotions, leg oedema due to venous insufficiency, Alzheimer’s disease, paralysis, herpex simplex and giardiasis.
    Dosage of Brahmi Capsules :    1-2 Capsules twice with Meals. Safe & recommended for long term use.

Bowelcare Bel, Chandrashoor, Isabgol

Approx Price: Rs 200 / No(s) 
Organic India Bowelcare Capsules Relieves Constipation & IBS Relieves Irritatable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Chronic Constipation
RELIEVES: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation, Indigestion, dyspepsia and hyperacidity. IMPROVES: Nutritional absorption and assismilation Intestinal transit, Elimination of stool without development of addiction. USEFUL IN: Esophagitis, gastritis, GI ulcers, gastroenteritis, diverticulitis, colitis Chronic diarrhea, chronic giardiasis, amoebic and bacterial dysentery.
 Each vegetarian capsule of Bowelcare contains :-
 Bel (Aegle marmelos) - 300 mg
 Balances excess mucus secretion Anti – inflammatory, anthelmintic, antiviral Anti – diarrhea, anti – dysentery Reduces colic Inhibits microbial overgrowth in intestines, especially Salmonella, Shigella and Fungi
 Chandrashoor (Lepidium Sativum) – 50 mg
 Reduces tenesmus Anti – ulcer Lubricates and soothes the bowel.
 Isabgol (Plantago ovate) - 25 mg
 Forms mucilage in the GI tract Protects mucosal lining of GI tract Useful in ulcers and inflammation Absorbs toxins and supports healthy peristalsis Facilitates elimination of stool.
Dosage of Organic India Bowelcare Capsules : 1-2 capsules twice daily with meals, at least for three months. Safe and recommended for long term use. Advanced dosage 2 capsules thrice daily with meals.

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

Approx Price: Rs 175
MOQ: 60 Capsule

Organic India Ashwagandha
Relieves Stress & Builds Vitality
Botanical name of this plant is Withania somnifera. It belongs to family Solanaceae. Other names being Winter cherry and Indian ginseng.
Ashwagandha in Sanskrit means “horse’s smell”, probably originating from the odor of its root which resembles a sweaty horse.
The species name somnifera means “sleep bearing” in Latin, indicating it was considered as a . But it has been also used for as an adaptogen. The key constituents of Ashwagandha are alkaloids and a group of steroidal loctones known as withanolides. Ashwagandha has been shown to increase stress resistance, improve memory related performance, and protect against stress-induced response, such as anxiety and physiological imbalances. It offers powerful nutritional support to energize and rejuvenate, by helping minimize the negative effects of stress, supports a healthy immune system, and reproductive balance.
Each vegetarian capsule of Ashwagandha contains:-
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) - 400mg
    Enhances vigor and vitality.    Energizes and rejuvenates.    Neuroprotective    Thyroid stimulate
Indications for use of Ashwagandha Capsules :Stress related diseases, and disorders like chronic bronchitis, hypertension, colitis, gastric ulcer, fatigue syndrome, premature ageing, tension, anxiety, neurosis schizophrenia, Parkinsonism, insomnia cancer and hypothyroidism.
Dosage of Organic India Ashwagandha:1-2 Capsules twice daily with Meals for 3 Months. Safe and recommended for long term use.

Amalaki (Emblica Officinalis) Natural Antioxidant with Vit C

Approx Price: Rs 175 / 60 Capsule 
Organic India Amalaki CapsulesVit C & Antioxidant Boost
Botanical name of this plant is Emblica officinalis (Greek), Phyllanthus emblica (Latin), and the other names being Indian gooseberry, Dhatri the nurse. Amalaki is also known as rasayana (having restorative and balancing effects on the 3 constitutional elements that govern human life: Vat, Pit, Kaph). It belongs to family Euphorbiaceae.  Emblica officinalis is a deciduous tree with exfoliating bark. It is used in Ayurveda as on antacid, cardiac tonic, , antipyretic, antidiabetic, cerebral and gastrointestinal tonic. It raises the total protein level and increases the body weight due to positive nitrogen balance. It has been found to have an anabolic effect.  
Each vegetarian capsule of Amalaki contains :-
Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) - 500 mg
    Natural antioxidant with Vitamin C.    Improves eye – sight, luster of skin and hair    Improves stamina, soothes and cleanses the bowel.    Mild laxative, anti – ulcer activity.
Indications for use of Organic India Amalaki :Low immune states like, chronic and recurring common cold, fever, allergy, skin infection, oral ulcer, bleeding gums, anti ageing, hyperacidity and gastroduodenal ulcers.
Dosage of Organic India Amalaki Capsules :1-2 Capsules twice daily with meals, for three months. Safe And recommended for long term use.

Kandamkulathy Brahmi Rich

Approx Price: Rs 250 / Gram(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 250 Gram(s)
Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala - Brahmi RichAn Ayurvedic Preparation
Indications for use of Brahmi Rich:
Brahmi Rich is an important Medhya combination in Ayurveda for improvement of itelligence, memory and revitalision of sense organs.   Its clears voice and improves digestion.   The drug is found to be very effective in case of anxiety neurosis.
Composition of Kandamkulathy Brahmi Rich :    Each 10g contains
        Brahmi - 3.5 g.        Vaca - .3 g.        Vidangah - .3 g        Kusthah - .2 g        Aparagitha - .2 g        Sariba - .2 g        Long Pepper - . 2 g        Dry Ginger - .2 g        Danti - .2 g        Saptaparna - .2 g        Sugar - 2 g        Sugar Gandy - 2.5 g
Dosage of Kandamkulathy Brahmi Rich :
    One teaspoon twice a day or as directed by the physician.

Kandamkulathy Aswaghandhadi Lehyam Increases Vigour

Approx Price: Rs 280 / Gram(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Gram(s)
Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala - Aswaghandhadi Lehyam An Ayurvedic Preparation
 Indications for use of Aswaghandhadi Lehyam :
 Increases vigour Acts as antioxidant Increases body strength Increasing mental activity   Decreasing stress Treating tumours Balances vata Improves conduction of nerve impulses.
 Dosage of Kandamkulathy Aswaghandhadi Lehyam:
 Adults : 2 Table spoon full twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Kandamkulathy Eladi Cough Syrup ( Sugar Free) Cough And Cold

Approx Price: Rs 125 / 100ml 
    Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala - Eladi Cough Syrup (Sugar free)    An Ayurvedic Preparation
    Provide relief from cough of varied aetiologies. Since no sugar is added, the formulation can be safely taken by diabetic patients.
    Indications for use of Eladi Sugar Free Cough Syrup :
        For the quick relief of dry and productive cough, allergic and spasmodic cough, smokers cough and sore throat.
    Composition Kandamkulathy Eladi Sugar Free Cough Syrup :    Each 5ml contains :
        Ela - 0.050gm        Ardrakam - 0.250gm        Pippali - 0.250gm        Maricam - 0.250gm        Devakusumam - 0.250gm        Jathiphala - 0.050gm        Karpura - 0.002gm
    Dosage of Eladi Sugar Free Cough Syrup :
    Adults : 5 to 10ml. Children : 2 to 5ml. Three times a day or as directed by physician.    Free from alcohol, narcotics, and addictives. Shake well before use.

Kandamkulathy Eladi Chewable Tablet Cough and Cold

Approx Price: Rs 250
MOQ: 625g

   Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala - Eladi Chewable Tablet
    An Ayurvedic Preparation
    Indications for use of Eladi Chewable Tablet :
        For the effective control of cough and cold.
    Composition Kandamkulathy Eladi Chewable Tablet :    Each 100 gram prepared out of :
        Zingiber officinale - 4.000gm        Cinnamomum cardamomum - 4.000gm        Piper Longum - 4.000gm        Piper nigram - 4.000gm        Basella alba - 4.000gm        Mesua ferrea - 4.000gm        Dolichos biflorus - 2.000gm        Cinnamomum tamala - 4.000gm        Sugar - 70.000gm
    Dosage of Eladi Chewable Tablet :
    3 or 4 tablets a day or as directed by physician. Not be swallowed to be chewed

Kandamkulathy Eladi Lehyam Cough and Cold

Approx Price: Rs 110 / Gram(s) 
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Gram(s)
    Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala - Eladi Lehyam    An Ayurvedic Preparation
This is an ideal therapeutic regimen and is from , Antihistamines and Narcotics for the effective control of cough and cold. Further, this Eladi Lehyam includes  expectorant properties that helps in reducing the viscosity of bronchial secretion and facilitate expectoration. Restores immunity against common cold and influenza, this is widely known for its anti allergic, anti microbial and immune modulator properties.
    Indications for use of Eladi Lehyam :
        For the effective control of cough and cold.
    Composition Kandamkulathy Eladi Lehyam :    Ingredients 15 gram contains :
        Elakaie - 1gm        Elavarngam - 1gm        Chukku - 1gm        Pazhamulaku - 1gm        Thippali - 1gm        Irattimaduram - 1gm        Grambu - 1gm        Lemon - 1gm        Nagappoovu - 1gm        Sugar - 3gm        Jeerakam - 1gm        Ghee - 1gm        Perum jeerakam - 1gm
    Dosage of Eladi Lehyam :
    3 or 4 times a day or as directed by physician.

Kandamkulathy Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet Cough and Cold

Approx Price: Rs 250
MOQ: 625g

    Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala - Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet
    An Ayurvedic Preparation
    Indications for use of Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet :
        For the effective control of cough and cold.
    Composition Kandamkulathy Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet :    Each tablet contains :
        Chukku - 210mg        Camphor - 120mg        Pepper - 210mg        Cardamomum - 120mg        Pachila - 90mg        Kandakari - 90mg        Adalodakam - 60mg        Sugar - 2.1g
    Dosage of Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet :
    3 or 4 tablets a day or as directed by physician. Not be swallowed to be chewed

Kandamkulathy Eladi Cough Syrup Cough and Cold

Approx Price: Rs 100 / Bottle(s) 
    Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala - Eladi Cough Syrup    An Ayurvedic Preparation
    For the quick relief of dry and productive cough, allergic and spasmodic cough, smokers cough and sore throat.
    Indications for use of Eladi Cough Syrup :
        For the quick relief of dry and productive cough, allergic and spasmodic cough, smokers cough and sore throat.
    Composition Kandamkulathy Eladi Cough Syrup :    Each 5ml contains :
        Cardamom - 0.050gm        Ginger - 0.250gm        Pippali - 0.250gm        Pepper - 0.250gm        Glove - 0.050gm        Camphor - 0.002gm        Nutmeg - 0.050gm        Syrup base - Q.S
    Dosage of Eladi Cough Syrup :
    Adults : 5 to 10ml. Children : 2 to 5ml. Three times a day or as directed by physician.    Free from alcohol, narcotics, and addictives. Shake well before use.

Kandamkulathy Kumkumadi Lepam Nourishes

Approx Price: Rs 65 / Piece 
MOQ: 15g

Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala - Kumkumadi Lepam
An Ayurvedic Fairness Cream

Kandamkulathy Kumkumadi Lepam, an Ayurvedic formulation, nourishes and revitalize your skin, reduces pigmention, removes acne, sunburn, black spots and wrinkles, the ingredients enriches your complexion.

Ingredients of Each 15g Kumkumadi Lepam Prepared out of :

Crocus sativus - 3g        Santalum Album - 3g        Coccus Lacca - 3g        Rubia Cordifolia - 3g        Glycyrrhiza Glabra - 3g        Nymohoides Indica - 1.5g        Vetiveria Zizanioides - 1.5g        Prunus Cerasodies - 1.5g        Nelumbo Nucifera - 3g        Gmelina Arborea - 1.5g        Aegle Marmelos - 1.5g 
Stereospermum coalis - 1.5g        Oroxylum indicum 1.5g        Premna Serratifolia - 1.5g        Desmodium gangeticum - 1.5g        Pseudarthria viscida - 1.5g    Solanum melongena - 1.5g        Solanum anguivi - 1.5g        Tribulus terrestris - 1.5g        Pterocarpus santalinus - 1.5g        Piper longum - 1.5g        Coconut Oil - 10.5ml        White soft paraffin Q.S.

Golecha Henna Cone

Approx Price: Rs 120 / 10 nos 
Golecha Henna ConeHenna contains 24 cones in a box. Only for HandsHow to use :Apply on Hands, Nails etc. Peel off when Dried and Wash Gently with water only. Note: To Remove Wash with Soap and Water 2-3 Times. BEWARE OF IMITATION and identical name it may contain harmful chemicals, which may effect your skin.
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