Jovees Natural Whitening Serum

Approx Price: Rs 435
Jovees Natural Whitening Serum
Reducing the appearance of skin discolorations,evens skin tone & diminishes dark spots
This Whitening Natural Serum is formulated with high quality herbs and botanicals that work in synergy to fundamentally improve skin quality. It resists against visible concerns such as uneven skin tone, dullness, and sunspots, while reducing the appearance of skin discolorations. A fast acting serum that evens skin tone and diminishes dark spots to impart overall radiance and luminosity to the skin.
 Method of use of Jovees Natural Whitening Serum
Apply all over the face and neck twice a day and leave on.
Active Ingredients of Jovees Natural Whitening Serum
Liquorice root powder, Mulberry fruit powder, Grape leaf powder, Bearberry leaf extract, Wheat protein, Black bearberry extract, Sea weeds powder.

Jovees Premium Advanced Anti Ageing Serum

Approx Price: Rs 415 / 50ml 
Bring Glow & Radiance to Skin, Mitigate fine lines
Jovees Advanced Anti Ageing Serum
Jovees Advanced Anti Ageing Serum is an ultimate treatment for enhancing skin's essential multi defensive power against visible signs of ageing, environmental factors and daily stress. It works to mitigate appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, the loss of firmness, dullness and helps to strengthening the skin's ability to defend against environemental aggressors.
Method of use of Jovees Advanced Anti Ageing Serum
Apply all over face and neck before going to sleep at night.
Active Ingredients of Jovees Advanced Anti Ageing Serum
Natural Aloevera gel, Argan Oil, Hibiscus seed protein, Wheatgerm oil, Cherry blossom flower, Rice bran extract, Broccoli seed extract, Spinach leaf extract.

Jovees Gold Ultra Radiance Face Wash

Approx Price: Rs 245
Bring Glow & Radiance to Skin, Mitigate fine lines
Jovees Ultra Radiance 24k Gold Face Wash
Specially developed using latest scientific methods to help bring glow & radiance to your skin. It shall helps to mitigate fine lines making your skin look younger
Method of use of Ultra Radiance Face Wash
Moisten face. Aqueeze out a small amount on your palm. Massage gently on the face and neck. Rinse well and pat dry.
Active Ingredients of Ultra Radiance Face Wash
Daisy Flower ext, Beta Vulgaris ext, Camellia sinensis leaf ext, Blue Cornflower ext, Cucumis mellow fruit ext, Hibiscus seed ext, Lilium candidum flower ext, Malva sylvestris flower ext, Melissa officinalis flower ext, Passiflora edulis (Passion flower) fruit ext

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